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 NEWSON GALE has been supplying static grounding solutions to the HAZLOC processing industries for over 30 years.

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Earth-Rite® RTR

  Static electricity is an ever-present and significant ignition risk for operations conducted in flammable, combustible and potentially explosive atmospheres.

The uncontrolled build up and discharge of electrostatic sparks must be avoided in EX / HAZLOC environments to prevent ignitions that could harm people and damage plant equipment, products and the environment. Newson Gale’s wide range of static earthing and bonding systems, equipment and accessories can control and eliminate these ignition risks, creating a safer and more productive work environment.

Newson Gale’s unique range of Static earthing, grounding and bonding systems, equipment and accessories can help control or mitigate these risks, creating a safer and more productive workspace.

Why Choose Newson Gale Static Grounding Solutions

30 years’ experience of developing solutions directed at eliminating electrostatic hazards.

Broadest range of static grounding and bonding product solutions available to the EX / HAZLOC industries.

Universal knowledge of IEC, Cenelec, API and NFPA codes of practice related to controlling the ignition risks of static electricity.

Our products enable our customers to demonstrate compliance with international recommended practice and guidance.

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Industries We Serve

Wherever there is a real danger of conductive plant equipment and materials accumulating static charge within flammable and combustible atmospheres Newson Gale’s range of Earth-Rite® Static Earthing Monitoring & Interlock Systems provide added operational safety for critical hazardous area processing and handling operations. 

Earth-Rite® RTR MGV


Truck Mounted Grounding System



IP 66

Operating Temperature Range

-40°C to + 55°C

Power Supply

Selectable 12 V or 24 V DC.


 Static Earth Verification

The MGV system ensures the connection resistance of the object that is identified as the ground source to earth, is low enough to safely dissipate static charges from the truck.

Continuous Ground Loop Monitoring

When the Static Ground Verification process is confirmed, the MGV system continuously monitors the connection resistance of the truck to this verified grounding point for the duration of the transfer process. This connection resistance must be maintained at 10 ohms (or less) for the duration of the transfer process.

Two Output Contacts

located in the control unit of the MGV system can interlock with pumps or other control devices to prevent transfer operations should a static ground connection fail to be established or maintained for the transfer process.

Easy and Quick Operation

Removing the need for taking manual resistance readings or interacting with complex system interfaces the operator activates the system by simply connecting the system’s earthing clamp to a site designated earthing point, buried metal structure (pipes, storage tanks) or temporary points like buried earthing rods.



  • MGV Tester.
  • Retractable Cable Reel.
  • Portable Static Grounding Kit.
  • Installers Kit.

  Al Ghwasa is Authorized Agent for Newson Gale Products in the Middle East

The Earth-Rite® Mobile Ground Verification system (MGV) is a unique, patented technology designed to provide automatic confirmation of a positive electrostatic earth connection for trucks collecting and transferring flammable / combustible products. 

Vacuum trucks and bulk chemical road tankers, including their hoses and hose connections, are susceptible to static charge accumulation during the transfer of product into or out of the truck’s containment system. This accumulation during the transfer of product into or out of the truck’s containment system. This accumulation of static charge is equivalent to a hidden source of ignition and if discharged as a static spark can lead to the ignition of the product or the atmosphere in which the truck and material handling team is operating.

To eliminate the risk of incendive static spark discharges the API standard 2219: Safe Operation of Vacuum Trucks in Petroleum Service recommends that vacuum truck operators transferring flammable and combustible product in hazardous locations must fully ground the truck prior to any other task in the transfer operation by connecting the truck to a “proven ground source”.

The Earth-Rite MGV is designed to enable operators establish safe earthing of their vehicle in accordance with these recommended practices.




 Paint Industry 

Bond-Rite® CLAMP 


Self-testing grounding clamp with visual indication


Ingress Protection

IP 64

Operating Temperature Range

-40°C to +60°C

Battery Supply

9 V Lithium Manganese ULTRALIFE U9VL-J (battery included).


Highly visible LED
housed in earthing clamp ensures operators know when low resistance connection is achieved with potentially charged equipment.

Tungsten carbide tips
bite through product deposit build up, rust & drum coatings to ensure proper bonding connections are made.

Stainless steel earthing clamps
designed to withstand use in tough chemical processing and industrial environments.

Quick Connect
provides personnel with the flexibility of removing the clamp from zoned / classified areas for battery replacement.

10 ohms loop resistance
monitoring compliant with international Recommended Practice*.

*IEC 60079-32, “Explosive atmospheres: electrostatic hazards, guidance”.

*NFPA 77, “Recommended Practice on Static Electricity”.

Junction box
mounted stowage pin provides operators with location to return the clamp when the process is complete.



Universal Resistance Tester.

3 m (10 ft.), 5 m (16 ft.), 10 m (32 ft.) cable lengths.



 Al Ghwasa is Authorized Agent for Newson Gale Products in the Middle East 

The Bond-Rite® CLAMP, patented exclusively by Newson Gale, is the only static grounding clamp that provides operators with a visual reference that potentially charged equipment is connected to a verified static earthing point.

The Bond-Rite CLAMP contains a bright green LED which pulses continuously when it detects that the resistance between the equipment to be earthed and the site’s verified earth ground (e.g. copper tape) is 10 ohms or less.

Once connected the Bond-Rite CLAMP continuously monitors the resistance of the circuit between the equipment and the verified earth point (e.g. wall-mounted bus bar).

The pulsing green LED provides process operators with a continuous visual reference point that enables them to monitor the earth status of equipment at risk of accumulating static electricity and discharging static sparks.

The Bond-Rite CLAMP is an ideal solution for applications and installations where interlocks with the process are not possible.

Typical Applications

> Filling and dispensing to/from metal containers, including drums, waste drums, mixing vessels.
> Earthing equipment used in mixing and blending operations.



Cen-Stat Static Discharge Reels


ATEX/FM approved static discharge cable reels


ATEX Certified / Factory Mutual approved


Easy and flexible installation

Latchable and retractable spring operated cable reel.

Hytrel coated cable.

with high visibility colour.

Supplied in

6.1 m (20 ft.), 9.2 m (30 ft.) and 15. m (50 ft.) retractable lengths


Stainless steel option with Cab-Lite coated SS304 cable.

Stainless steel mounted swivel provides 130º rotation.

 Al Ghwasa is Authorized Agent for Newson Gale Products in the Middle East


Retracting cable reels are an alternative solution to using retractable Cen-StatTM spiral cable.

They are normally specified for locations where there is a preference for ensuring process operators stow grounding clamps correctly for good “housekeeping” purposes when the clamps are not in use.

Newson Gale’s “R-series” of static grounding reels offer our Cab-Lite cable housed on automatically retractable cable reel.

Cab-Lite is a 3.2 mm (1/8″) multi-stranded galvanized steel conductor protected by a hi-vis yellow coating and is supplied on the R20, R50 and R75 reels.

The R-series of retractable cable reels are supplied in 9.1 m (25 ft.), 9.1 m (50 ft.) and 15.2 m (75 ft.) lengths. The blue powder coated reel is supplied with Cab-Lite cable which has a yellow coating. The stainless steel reels are supplied with nylon coated stainless steel cable.

 Road Tanker Solutions

Earth-Rite® RTR

Static Earthing Protection For Road Tankers


Ingress Protection

IP 66

Operating Temperature Range

-40°C to + 55°C

Power Supply

Selectable 110/120 V or 220/240 V AC, 50-60 Hz. Selectable 12 V or 24 V DC.



Flameproof Enclosure

Incorporating Intrinsically Safe Static Earth Monitoring System.

Earth Connection Junction Box with Clamp Stowage Point and Quick Release Connector.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Universal Earthing Clamp with Hytrel™ Extendable Cable and Quick Connectors.


Earth-Rite RTR Options

Ex-strobe Light

RTR System Tester.

Self-Retractable Cable Reel.

Precision and reliability is what the Earth-Rite® RTR provides to QHSE professionals and engineers who are tasked with protecting personnel and plant assets from the ignition hazards of static electricity during road tanker loading and unloading operations.

The loading and unloading of road tankers with large quantities of chemicals and powders generates static electricity which, if left to accumulate on a road tanker, could discharge electrostatic sparks with energies far in excess of the minimum ignition energies of a vast range of combustible gases, vapours and dusts. The ignition of such atmospheres by static electricity can be prevented by ensuring the road tanker is grounded.

Grounding ensures there can be no build of static electricity on the tank and chassis of the road tanker and the most reliable way of earthing your road tankers is to specify an Earth-Rite RTR. With over 3,000 units in the field the 2nd generation Earth-Rite RTR is the most reliable and precise method of earthing road tankers today.