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HSN- KIKAI provides solutions to Marine and Offshore Industry. 
Marine Type Approved Systems for Ship Machineries. 
Marine Pumps
-Centrifugal Pump 
-Gear Pump 
-Piston Pump
-Eccentric Screw Pump
Factory specified original spares in stock
Bilge Separator ( Oily Water Separator)
-Designed as the world’s smallest and compact OWS units available in markets. 
-Complying to MEPC 108(49)
-04 Stage ( Chamber) Cleaning Operations.
-Stock of Oil Level Probe, Filters, Coalescers , Relief Valve and maker prescribed factory spares. 
-Range 0.5m3/hr – 5 m3/hr Capacities. 

GHG Indicator
-Monitoring Mass of CO2 / Navigation Control & Analysis.
-Displays mass of CO2 and EEOI for each voyage with fuel consumption of equipments such as main engine , generator engine and boiler. 
-GHG displays and records revolution of main engine , ship’s groundspeed and fuel consumption.